samedi 12 novembre 2005

Le Roi de la Capote first Hi-Tech Ad's...

Here is a jewel of advertising....
Found on the King of the Condom website (Le Roi de la Capote | Préservatifs & Lubrifiants). Have a look the "le blog du préservatif" aka the "blog of the condom"... Enjoy!

lundi 26 septembre 2005

The first "Le Roi de la Capote" Ad.

Here is What I have found on "Le Roi de la Capote", understanding the King of the condom. For sometimes a merchant is funny and try to not to be shy with condom, we can celebrate it. What the advertising says is: "I, before fucking, I go to the King of the Condom!". Enjoy!
Update from today 27th September:
(Ad has been auto censored on request of the model...)

mardi 23 août 2005

Got it!

Maria-lisa do the Job! thanks for replying. Enjoy!

samedi 13 août 2005

Speak Spanish and want to earn 500 € ?

Hi there,

I am looking for a Spanish natal speaking language person, to help me and to correct about 150 sales sheets of products I have translated with a f***g bad translation software named Systran v5.0. (yes I did !). This is for my website "le Roi de la Capote". I have 500 euros (no more no less), for this person. There are 2 things to do:
- checking and correcting some Spanish Microsoft Excel files with the English and French as supports.
- checking and correcting the website spanish words.

For a native person from aSpanishh speaking country, it's about 2 days of work.
If you want this job, please email me. (right column on the screen).

I will post if I have found somebody.
Enjoy !

mercredi 10 août 2005

Google News get a RSS-ATOM feeds !

Yep, Google news get a RSS and an Atom Feed. You can see it on the left side of the Google Page News. Before that I was using for my website Le Roi de la Capote, a hack to get back the news in different languages. But now it's better to talk with God indeed to the Saints ! Enjoy !

jeudi 30 juin 2005

Le Roi de la Capote, aka The King of the Condom...

By this way, Le Roi de la Capote, you will find a brand new website selling condom, french letters, novelties and lubricants. It's not a sex-shop. So you can go over there, quietly and securely, and buy some condoms. They try to have all of them. The website is in 6 foreign languages including English.
I have a surprise for you: If you put a word in your order in the comment section, as a secret code, "Erdna Cram loves condoms", you will get a surprise with your order.

vendredi 13 mai 2005

On the Go with Blogger Mobile

Blogger on the Go
Blogger presents a new function with your mobile phone:
Write a text or take a picture, send it to and they do the rest!
They call that the Blogger Mobile.

mercredi 11 mai 2005

CSS Cheat Sheet

This marvelous website,, publish some cheats sheets about CSS rules and coding options.
Thumbnail highlighting CSS properties list.
It's a great idea and always necessary to have near yours coding fingers ! If you look around, you will find too a Mod_Rewrite Cheat sheet and a PHP Cheat sheet too. Enjoy.

dimanche 3 avril 2005

Google Gulp

Google Gulp is a brand new surprise of Google! Look at this:
Gulp Carroty Gulp Radical Gulp Water

So what is this? If we listen Google, start by "Quench your thirst for knowledge." In fact they want to give you all the necessary things to maximize your surfing efficiency. And have a look on the Google Gup products. Enjoy !

dimanche 27 mars 2005

Erdna Cram QR Code.

I think this is one of the first QR Blog Code in the world. (hihihihi...).
You can have me on your cellular phone now! Enjoy!

QR Code, what's this?

QR is the inventor of the two-dimensional code called QR Code. It's the new generation of bar code. It cames from Japan, and it's used by Japanese cellular phone, to read a lots of differents information included in it. The advantage is it can be read by anybody, professional or not. Japanes people used it to crypt their private message and send it like a picture. It's automatically decode on Japanes phones. A company like UPS, is using it to code their logistics. In my next post you will find my first Erdna Cram QR Code. Enjoy!

samedi 26 mars 2005

Unlocking the door....

In this article on How Stuff Works website I have found what I was looking for when I was 6 or 8 years old. The absolute user guide to open and unlock the door! It's incredible what we can have today on the Internet. And on Lockpicks, you will find all the tools for the jobs!

samedi 12 mars 2005

Explore Google Maps

The Google Maps is a new beta tool of the Google Company. Just enter an address and it will show you were it is in a different way.
Explore Google Maps and discover that you can enter an in point and an end point. Google will show you the way. As ever.
Another trick is that you can hack this. Yes you can. With some XML, a GPS receiver and time. Just go to the marvelous Engadget website and read this article on HOW-TO: Make your own annotated multimedia Google map. Enjoy !

lundi 7 mars 2005

Do you like my nude body?

If you would like to be like me on this picture, go to the marvelous website Text to Image website, and don't forget to go the Blue Nudes website to have a "shape" like mine!
The crazy guy who made this algorithm to transform a picture into a text picture is Mister Patrik Roos, with the Pike Language.

dimanche 6 mars 2005

The Erdna Cram blog button.

If You want link to my website, here is my button in the way of "blog seriously listed":

Download it or refer it, and your are done.
Enjoy !

samedi 5 mars 2005

Mathematics are boring? Hum...

Eat this! Who said that's the mathematics could be boring! It could be a poem, a lovely picture, and absolutely outstanding! Richard "dr." Baily, is the owner of Image Savant, a fine art studio located in Hollywood, California. He has developed a software called "Spore" to do this kind of image. Feel free to visit his website and fasten your seat belt!
2005, Copyright Richard "dr." Baily.

Some people do pictures, some people do Images...

These words was said by Daniel Jouanneau, one of the Best Still Life Photographer in the World, when I was showing to him my portfolio, 15 years ago. At this time, I understood the difference. Here is an example, with some words; E.L. Kersten, Ph.D, published a strange and interestant calendar or "Demotivators" sheets. Here are some exemples:

Isn'it superb? You will find the complete images on his website:

I love this kind of diversion. Stay wired, I will show you more, later....

vendredi 4 mars 2005

Google's Golden Triangle...

This study show how the activity of a human eye, is reading the results of a request on Google.
The companies,
Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools, use an Eyetools eye tracking lab in San Francisco, California, with 50 people. After analysis, they have drawn this diagram. This "map" (the above picture") is quite great for marketing and "Google addict". I think they will be a little bit more nervous after the result of this study....

Source: PRWeb Press Release Newswire

jeudi 3 mars 2005

Wanna spy your wife, or your lover?

Just go to the Invisible Keylogger website and you will find this way, how to spy your wife or your lover... This is amazing! By this way I discovered, that my husband was sleeping with Sophie, and "she" was sleeping with another guy, married too. What a mass !! (hihihihi)

Area 51, from the sky...

This incredible image from the Sky, is the Famous Area 51. This Satellite image by Space Imaging, is more incredible if you use the Zoomify technology. You will have the ability to zoom inside the picture to see if there is somebody! Go to the Zoomify website and look for this picture with their technology and verify that some UFO are on the floor... Enjoy.
Satellite image by Space Imaging

mercredi 2 mars 2005

Seriously, hihihihi...

Yes, seriously, if you want the same extraordinary review of your web site as seen before, go to the incredible Google Blogoscoped website, and find the tools sections. You will find the PageBoost tools. That's very funny, and this blog is a mind part of the Google employees. They have a lot of tools and very interesting things, as the any rank tool. Enjoy.

Review of Erdna Cram blog.

"I just saw "". What an awesome page! There are 38,152 characters in the HTML, which is a high-quality length for frequent users. The URL has 31 characters. Just the perfect length. If only I would have a great page like that. Excellent. Seeing Erdna Cram blog., I'm simply so inspired.
The document is highly accessible. The page contains 116 links, a superb amount. The color scheme is influenced by Eastern art. Very special. Of course, I expected the creator to achieve only the best.
It must have taken weeks to craft the page. One of the most complete experience on the Web today."
-- Will King,

mardi 1 mars 2005

Erdna Cram self-portrait by Picasso.

This my self-portrait made by Picasso.
Here is the gallery where you can see my portrait
Seriously, it's an amazing feature from Picassohead. Mr. Picassohead was created by Ruder Finn Interactive.
And the guy behind this is Ruder Finn ...
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lundi 28 février 2005

The Generator Blog, amazing !

The Generator Blog is an amazing blog. It's listing a lots of words generator available on the internet. A must done, and an extraordinary thing!

Second test with my Nokia 6600.

Try whith my Nokia 6600. N°2.

This email spent 24 hours to be posted on this blog from Paris, France, where I was. Incredible. I am going to have a look on how to be posted from a mobile phone, in a quicker way!

Elvis Presley is alive !

Amazing no? No comment, the answer is on the picture!
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How to obtain a FREE SSL certificate?

CrackHeadJones: StartCom Free SSL Certificate Project has posted a paper on how to obtain a free SSL certificate. Here is the answer: The Stratcom Free SSl Project has the solution. Just follow their link and you will find it. Enjoy! And say goodbye to all companies who wants to steal your money ! (hihihihi!) LOL.

ISSN blog Number.

Yes, I have asked my ISSN Number. Why? Because as a blog, mine, I can have one. How did I do it? Just fill the following application form and send it to And wait for it. I found this idea on a website, and I love the idea that my blog could have an ISSN number.

dimanche 27 février 2005

samedi 26 février 2005

This is my voice, enjoy.

this is an audio post - click to play

The new service of Google and Blogger. Taste this wonderful feature named Audioblogger.

What Galileo's celestes time is it?

Here is the answer:

The four planetary dials plot the movements of the inner solar system in relation to Earth.

Made by jtarbel.

iChat Rooms Listing, a website.

I have made a few months ago, a full listing in English about chat rooms using the iChat software from Apple. This website is quite interesting, because it's trying to list all the rooms on this planet. It's compatible too with the AIM software from AOL Company. Have a try. It's in French too. Enjoy and don't forget your iSight camera.

Technologies du Langage

Technologies du Langage confirms what I am thinking about a certain algorithm on Google. You should know the french language... Nice.

La poule du poulet...

Her name is Christa Nicole. Perfect.
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My firt post...

Hi there.

My name is Erdna Cram. I have made this blog for trying and testing a lots of things I have in my mind. Stay with me, the adventure begin...