lundi 28 février 2005

The Generator Blog, amazing !

The Generator Blog is an amazing blog. It's listing a lots of words generator available on the internet. A must done, and an extraordinary thing!

Second test with my Nokia 6600.

Try whith my Nokia 6600. N°2.

This email spent 24 hours to be posted on this blog from Paris, France, where I was. Incredible. I am going to have a look on how to be posted from a mobile phone, in a quicker way!

Elvis Presley is alive !

Amazing no? No comment, the answer is on the picture!
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How to obtain a FREE SSL certificate?

CrackHeadJones: StartCom Free SSL Certificate Project has posted a paper on how to obtain a free SSL certificate. Here is the answer: The Stratcom Free SSl Project has the solution. Just follow their link and you will find it. Enjoy! And say goodbye to all companies who wants to steal your money ! (hihihihi!) LOL.

ISSN blog Number.

Yes, I have asked my ISSN Number. Why? Because as a blog, mine, I can have one. How did I do it? Just fill the following application form and send it to And wait for it. I found this idea on a website, and I love the idea that my blog could have an ISSN number.

dimanche 27 février 2005

samedi 26 février 2005

This is my voice, enjoy.

this is an audio post - click to play

The new service of Google and Blogger. Taste this wonderful feature named Audioblogger.

What Galileo's celestes time is it?

Here is the answer:

The four planetary dials plot the movements of the inner solar system in relation to Earth.

Made by jtarbel.

iChat Rooms Listing, a website.

I have made a few months ago, a full listing in English about chat rooms using the iChat software from Apple. This website is quite interesting, because it's trying to list all the rooms on this planet. It's compatible too with the AIM software from AOL Company. Have a try. It's in French too. Enjoy and don't forget your iSight camera.

Technologies du Langage

Technologies du Langage confirms what I am thinking about a certain algorithm on Google. You should know the french language... Nice.

La poule du poulet...

Her name is Christa Nicole. Perfect.
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My firt post...

Hi there.

My name is Erdna Cram. I have made this blog for trying and testing a lots of things I have in my mind. Stay with me, the adventure begin...